Sonar Winter Release - 2020

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Potential Issues Alerts

You can finally stop agonizing over changes to your tech stack. On- demand alerts for broken automations help you diagnose and resolve errors immediately so they never lead to data loss.

Sonar always helped you fix your Salesforce, but now we’re discovering when something breaks. Even better—we’re showing you exactly why it’s not working, so you tackle reactive work faster, leaving anxiety and frustrations at the door.


Change Tracking Timelines

As your team grows, you lose visibility on everyone's work. Don’t sideline your most important projects to communicate changes. See every change automatically and never choose between speed and accuracy.

Change tracking keeps everyone moving in the same direction by showing you every update made everyday. Your team gains total situational awareness of your evolving data, so everyone is empowered to work faster and more successfully.


Sonar Chrome Extension

Built for everyone (and anyone) who administers your Salesforce, the Sonar Chrome extension lets you quickly and confidently scope and execute everyday changes inside the Salesforce admin panel.

Why do we love it? Move fast by double-checking your work as you’re making changes. Then, sync with Sonar immediately so we can *triple-check* for Potential Issues and update your documentation—all without leaving Salesforce.

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