Why don't I see something I am expecting to see in Sonar?

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Searching in Sonar

Sonar has a quick search feature that allows the user to search for any object, field, workflow rule, apex class, validation rule, flow, or formula field. We only sync metadata and don't have access to records, the values within fields, or other personal company salesforce data in your org.

If you are searching for a field, object, or automation in Sonar and it is not showing up, check the sync user (if you are unsure who your sync user is, reach out to your Sonar Support). The user that connects Salesforce and Sonar needs the permission, View All Data.

Does the user have at least read access to the object/automation in Salesforce? Commonly, the user that set up the sync may not have permission to access that object or automation. The user that connects Sonar and Salesforce should have full permissions in Salesforce so that each piece of metadata can be viewed in Sonar. 

Once the user has the appropriate permission access, the issue should resolve and the information should be visible in Sonar. 

You can follow the steps on this page to reauthorize the connection with SFDC - Managing the Sync with Salesforce

If the problem persists, please contact support@seesonar.com

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