September 2021 Product Updates

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This page is an overview of recent feature updates and new additions to Sonar. Everything highlighted in this article is currently live for you to take advantage of in your Sonar account. You can jump to specific features:


The Sonar Timeline has been updated with the addition of quick filters and the ability to export changes directly to CSV. 

On the Timeline home page, you can now click on any of the numbers which will apply a filter to the changes list below the summary.


We also add the ability to export the detailed changes. Exporting changes can enable you to further analyze what was done in excel or exporting can be used to keep an extra external record of what was changed over a set period of time. 


You can read more about the Timeline - here


The Initiatives feature now supports tagging other Sonar users in comments, the ability to add tasks within an Initiative, and a few UX improvements. 

Initiative Tasks

Tasks enable you to break down the Initiative into actionable steps then, as you get further along in your project, tasks can be marked as complete in order to show progress and track what has been done. You can create, update and delete tasks.  


We've also added the ability to add Scope directly to a task. Now, not only do you have an actionable step but you can quickly review exactly what needs to be changed or updated in that task and what other metadata, if any, might be impacted.


Creating tasks then adding scope to those tasks is a great way to delegate work to your team especially if you already know what pieces of metadata need to be changed.  Scope in tasks can also serve as a valuable point of reference over time as you start and stop work and even after you've completed the task. 

Initiative Comments

Adding comments directly on an Initiative in Sonar is a great way to ensure you have historical context and an understanding as to why a specific decision was made. We heard that adding comments was great but, oftentimes the comments would be missed because there was no way to know someone had made a comment without logging in.

Now you can tag a user, directly within a comment and they will get an email notification and an in-app notification showing your comment and the specific initiative it relates to. When you log in to Sonar any comments you've been tagged in will show on the dashboard or when you click on the bell icon. 

To tag a user just type "@{firstname}" and their user name will pop up right away.


When viewing in-app notifications from the dashboard all new messages will be highlighted. If you click on the notification title you will be brought directly to the Initiative where the comment was made. 


Initiative View

When viewing an Initiative you can open a piece of metadata alongside it and view both at the same time. Previously, if you wanted to view something specific in the Scope of an initiative or open different metadata while viewing the Initiative, only the metadata card would stay open. 


You can read more in-depth on initiatives here - Initiatives


A Card in Sonar is where you can view Salesforce metadata and each place it's being referenced. We made two updates specifically to the Object Card and we also added functionality enabling you to filter how that field is being used in a report. 

Report Filter

When viewing a specific field in Sonar you'll now be able to filter reports by specific comments where that field is being used. The filter enables you to answer how a field is being used in a report instead of just what reports that field is being used in. 


You can read more about specific report component types - here

Object Card

Added "Hide Inactive" option at Object level when viewing automation tab. This way you can easily sort through the automation that matters most -- ie. the ones that are active. 


We also added the field count at the object level. This gives users a quick grasp on whether or not they are approaching the field limits and generally how large an object is. 


For more on Sonar cards, check out this article - here

General Updates

We moved the settings to clean up the sidebar and enable us to explore adding more functionality without overlapping existing functionality. Now you can find the settings, support link, terms of service, and log out by clicking your avatar in the top right corner of your screen. 


Our product team loves hearing from customers! If you have any other feedback or requests please send that to

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