October 2021 Product Updates

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This page is an overview of recent feature updates and new additions to Sonar. Everything highlighted in this article is currently live for you to take advantage of in your Sonar account. On this page:

Apex Classes 

When you view an Apex class in Sonar you'll now see highlighting and different colors for specific parts of the code. If you've ever used the developer console in Salesforce then you'll notice similarities to that view in Sonar: 



Bulk Tag

We've made some UX improvements to our Bulk Tag functionality. As you add fields each one will either have a check and be highlighted blue or that field will have an "x" and be highlighted gray. We did this to provide a simple visual indication for whether or not that field was found on the object. If a field has a "checkmark" it's a valid field but if it has an "x" then it's invalid and no tag will be added to it. Typically, if a field is invalid or not found it's because of a spelling or case error. 


You can still paste field API names into the Bulk Tag box and they will be highlighted. For more details on Bulk Tag check out this article.

General Updates

Renamed standard objects now show the custom label on the dashboard instead of the standard name. In the example below, the standard objects Account and Opportunities have been renamed to Company and Deals which now shows as expected in Sonar:


We added additional managed packages to our database internally so that any components within that managed packaged will be automatically tagged in Sonar. If you have managed packages in your Salesforce org that aren't currently being automatically tagged in Sonar please reach out to support and they will pass them on to our engineering team! (support@seesonar.com)

Backend Updates

*Backend Updates - this means we've made changes to the app but they aren't visible or noticeable when you are using Sonar. 

Sonar for Pardot: Our engineering team has been working hard on our upcoming Pardot functionality. They made dozens of changes to the backend of Sonar and are laying the foundation for our upcoming Pardot launch in November. 

If you're a Pardot user this will definitely be something you'll want to see! Be the first to access Sonar for Pardot by joining the waitlist.

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