Sonar for Pardot

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Sonar for Pardot allows you to ensure that any changes your team is going to make, won’t impact a highly visible process like a form break that could stop leads from entering the system, or sending an email out with the wrong merge field! 

Marketing Operations professionals, or anyone that administers Pardot, don't have visibility into the scope of their changes inside of Pardot. Sonar for Pardot allows users to quickly and easily understand all of a field’s references to automation and other fields inside of both Pardot and Salesforce.

In Sonar

Within Sonar you can quickly see how fields in Pardot are tied to fields and automations in Salesforce. This can be really helpful for identifying how forms, lists, completion actions, and landing pages relate to each other and impact Salesforce. 


You'll also be able to search for Pardot metadata in the quick find, tag Pardot fields with existing tags in your account, and view metadata side by side in your account. 

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