November 2021 Product Updates

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This page is an overview of recent feature updates and new additions to Sonar. Everything highlighted in this article is currently live for you to take advantage of in your Sonar account. On this page:


Pardot is here! Our team has been working extremely hard to bring the same great functionality we have for Salesforce today, to everyone that uses Pardot. 

Sonar for Pardot allows you to ensure that any changes your team is going to make, won’t impact a highly visible process like a form break that could stop leads from entering the system, or sending an email out with the wrong merge field! 


We are very excited about this functionally and can't wait to add many aspects of Pardot data to Sonar. For more details check out this article - Sonar for Pardot

UI Updates

With the launch of Pardot, we updated the headers, for all metadata, in Sonar so that you can quickly tell what system you're viewing.  

eg. When viewing Salesforce metadata you'll now see a banner like this:


This was primarily a UI change, so you'll still have the ability to click the Salesforce logo in the header and quickly view that piece of metadata within your Salesforce setup. 


Additionally, for our more observant users, you may have noticed a new tab called Related Tech. This tab will show the different dependencies in Sonar within your tech stack. Currently, we have functionality for pulling in data directly from Salesforce and Pardot. 


Adding a Sandbox

We made it even simpler to link a Salesforce sandbox to your Sonar account. Now, when you click the organization drop-down in the top left of your Sonar account, you'll see an option specifically for linking a Salesforce sandbox. Check it out:  



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