January 2022 Product Updates

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This page is an overview of recent feature updates and new additions to Sonar. Everything highlighted in this article is currently live for you to take advantage of in your Sonar account. On this page:

Page Layouts

You can now see how any field references page layouts. Plus, you can also view the level of access for each field, so you understand impacts to the page layout.


Apex Triggers

Apex triggers that reference a specific field are now visible in Sonar. This view makes it easy to collaborate with the developers on technical changes and critically it shows you another essential reference directly in Sonar.


Slack Integration

Connect Sonar to your Slack workspace so you can review a summary of all the changes Sonar detects with each Salesforce sync. Leveraging the Slack integration is a great way to efficiently monitor Salesforce changes made to any Salesforce Org you have connected to Sonar. 


Slack is a free integration but it must be enabled in your Sonar account before it can be set up. If you'd like to use the Slack integration please send an email to our support team (support@seesonar.com). 

Additionally, you can read more about the integration here - Connect to Slack

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