June 10th, 2022

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Feature Updates

If you prefer a video check out this quick summary:

Quick Find "Show More"

The Quick Find now has a “Show More” option! This is an efficient method for expanding your search for a specific piece of metadata directly within the sidebar. Now, you should have no issues quickly finding your fields, flows, or anything in between. 


Potential Issues

Within potential issues can now review the validation rules and fields directly from potential issues. Catch those spelling errors that much faster. As an example, I can quickly see this validation rule should have "Closed Lost" not "Closed Loss":


Organization Settings and Management

We've cleaned up the Organization Switcher so that it's easier for you to know which Salesforce Orgs you have connected and which one you want to view. You can also rename any of the Salesforce Orgs you have connected. This is particularly helpful when the company name doesn't make sense in the context of Sonar.


The "Add New Users" option was moved from the Organization page to the users' table. We think it makes more sense here:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Quick find that didn’t allow you to search for names with special characters like #, _ , - etc… Now, the search works as expected.

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