July 29, 2022

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What's In This Release

New Features

Object Limits

When you view an object in Sonar, you'll now notice a new tab called Limits. This tab shows you all the object limits from Salesforce! This is a great place to see how many custom fields or cross object references you have remaining for an object.


Tab Redesign

We updated how you navigate and view references in Sonar. Instead of scrolling to see if a Field is being used in a flow you can quickly click on the references tab and see all the automatons in one simple menu! 
Previously, most of the references and details in Sonar were hidden behind an ellipse “...” and you had to click on the ellipse or scroll through each of the references to get a complete picture of how something was being referenced. 

We were consistently hearing from our users that they didn’t know we added new Salesforce data. The biggest reason for that was that you had to scroll through all the tabs on the periscope to see what might or might not be there. Now, most if not all of the Salesforce depth will be shown in one menu and will be much simpler to navigate. 


vs. Now 


Updated Functionality

Flows and Process Builders References

We dramatically improved our logic that captures references for flows and process builders. Our goal for this improvement was to be able to say confidently say if you use a field in a flow or process builder Sonar will show that reference no matter what. With this update, we feel confident saying that!

Timeline Details

We added the ability to open a periscope directly from the timeline in Sonar. Now, when you see something was modified in the timeline you can quickly check what other references that metadata might have without leaving the timeline. 


Periscope improvements

We spent some time thinking about how we could improve the UI and UX of the cards in Sonar. We know it's important to provide a great experience on the cards in Sonar because of how much time is spent searching and viewing data. 

Below are some of the biggest changes you'll notice: 

    1. Picklist values now have their own tab
    2. There is an icon indicating you can navigate to the object from that periscope
    3. The field type is shown in the header (to save on vertical space)
    4. The tags were moved to the field details
    5. Added an icon showing you can open that specific piece of metadata in Salesforce. 


Bug Fixes 

  1. When you open an object the formula field tab would show a count of all formula fields that were on that object AND any other formula fields that referenced a field on that object. This could result in a confusing situation because the count and what we displayed wouldn’t line up. 

    Now, we only display and count formula fields that live on the object. eg. If a formula field gets created on Object A and references fields from Object B and Object C then we will only show and count that formula field on Object A.

  2. Improved our logic for Salesforce profiles sync. If you have a lot of Salesforce profiles the sync would timeout and fail to complete. Now, our largest customers can sync with out issues from profiles. 

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