Pardot Cards Overview

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This article is an overview of what pieces of Pardot you can see in Sonar and how to view them. This article contains the following sections:


A card in Sonar is used to show all the details and dependencies of specific pieces of metadata. Currently, Sonar shows Pardot Objects and Fields.


Our Pardot functionality is constantly expanding to new pieces of metadata. If you're hoping to see a specific piece of metadata from Pardot please reach out to support and let us know!


The object card in Sonar displays the number of fields for that object, provides a place for you to further search (1), view how Pardot fields are syncing to Salesforce (2) or tag fields (3).



When viewing Pardot fields in Sonar you'll be able to quickly see the field metadata including the sync behavior or dropdown values and tag(s). If the field is set up to sync to Salesforce you'll also see that Salesforce field label (1) and on the Related Tech tab you can see more details for the Salesforce field (2). 


You can also simply view any Salesforce metadata along side Pardot metadata: 


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