What Does Sonar Do?

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Sonar gives you a clear view into your tech stack, so you can simplify complex change. And never break a critical process again. 

Metadata Blueprint

  • Sonar helps you visualize fields, automations, and dependencies, so you know the impacts of a change before you make it. 
  • Search any component and its dependencies in seconds.

Scope & Change Management

  • Initiatives, in Sonar, help you visually organize scope, assign tasks, and document why things changed in Salesforce and Pardot
  • Quickly grasp the scope of a potential project and knock out your to-do list faster. 

Change Timelines

  • Gain visibility into changes made across teams, whether they happened yesterday or months ago.
  • Never spend time documentation changes again. 

Potentials Issues

  • Show you possible breakages in your automation, so you can fix them before they cause any ripple effects.
  • Avoid the silent breakages that lead to data loss.

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