Webinar - Rev Up Your RevOps: How Ware2Go Drives Efficiency With Sonar

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When companies experience rapid growth, it’s up to RevOps to protect the evolving tech stack and support the rapidly expanding go-to-market teams. That’s the case for Ware2Go, a UPS company. 

Ware2Go’s RevOps team needed a way to efficiently keep pace with the company’s growth while maintaining a line of sight across their critical systems. So, they brought in Sonar to help.

Ware2Go’s Sr. Analyst of Revenue Operations, Keon Farahdel, recently joined us to share an inside look at how Sonar helps his team work more efficiently, simplify their workload, and navigate change successfully. Watch the recording to hear our conversation with Keon and see what’s new in Sonar.

Tune in to the conversation to learn about:

  • How Ware2Go uses Sonar to drive RevOps success
  • The latest Salesforce and Pardot features in Sonar 
  • What’s next on Sonar’s product roadmap

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