Choosing an Object to Analyze

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Be sure you've installed the FieldSpy managed package from the app exchange first. 

Have an object that you want to analyze? Maybe a few? Let's get started: 

  1. Within Salesforce, search for then click on FieldSpy in the app launcher


  2. WIthin FieldSpy select which object(s) you'd like to run the analysis on from the objects table. 
  3. After selecting an object click Add to Object Analyzer. You can add multiple objects at once or you can add easily add one at a time while you search through your objects. 


  4. Once you've finished selecting the object you want to analyze click Analyze Now and add a name to your analysis. Depending on the size of the object and the number of records being analyzed, the time to complete the analysis will vary.


  5. Once the object has been analyzed, the status will show "completed" and you'll be able to view the details by clicking the object name!


    Finally.... Check out your findings! 


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