Managing the Sync with Salesforce

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This page provides an overview of the Sonar integration sync. This article contains the following sections:


Sonar automatically syncs with each of your linked Salesforce Orgs nightly. Generally, the sync occurs 12 am - 3 am EST. You can sync manually with Salesforce at any time by clicking "Sync Now" at the top of the Sync home page.



Reauthorize the Salesforce Connection

The most common reason the sync between Salesforce and Sonar stops working is that the permission(s) for the user who connected Sonar and Salesforce have changed, their user is deactivated, or it was a sandbox account that was recently refreshed.

NOTE - The user that connects Salesforce and Sonar needs the permission, "View All Data".

As a best practice, we always recommend reauthorizing your Sonar account instead of linking that same account again. When you reauthorize you maintain all the historical data within Timelines, fields that were tagged and all Iniatives. If add a new Salesforce connection in Sonar the timeline, tag and initiatives start fresh.

To reauthorize your account: 

  1. Navigate, to your Organization settings in Sonar (hover over your avatar in the top right > click Settings > then Organization)
  2. Next, click on "Reauthorize" within the organization table
  3. Log in with your Salesforce credentials then you'll be redirected to Sonar where you will see a success banner.


If your Sonar account still fails to sync please reach out to support so we can investigate the sync issue further -

Connect a New Salesforce Org

If you need to connect to a Salesforce sandbox please read this article - Connecting a Sandbox. For connecting a new production Salesforce account follow these steps:

  1. In the top right corner select "Link new Salesforce Org.


  2. Next, you'll be prompted to log in to Salesforce. Be sure to use the credentials that have admin access to Salesforce. 

  3. Once you're redirected to Sonar confirm you've connected the correct Salesforce account and user credentials. After you click "confirm" you'll start your first sync with Sonar and you'll be brought to the dashboard once the sync completes. 

Sync Log

The sync logs show when a sync occurred, what metadata was imported from Salesforce, sync errors if any occurred, and details how many API calls the sync used.  To view the sync logs, click on "Sync" in the left-hand menu then you can expand any sync on the screen to view more details. 





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