New Customer Account Setup Instructions

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Welcome to Sonar!

This page details the initial steps that need to be completed for signing up for Sonar. 

Sonar Setup Instructions
  1. Go to the Sonar Signup Page (link provided by your AE during trial or CSM during onboarding)

  2. Read through then accept the Terms of Service. Our terms of service can be found here

  3. Next, connect your Salesforce Organization. Be sure to use the Salesforce login credentials from the Salesforce Organization you are syncing to Sonar.

  4. Confirm linking Sonar to your Salesforce Organization


  5. Once confirmed, you will then start the initial Sync

  6. The last step of the onboarding process is to invite your team. (this step is optional) They will not need to go through the syncing process again once they are invited.

Explore Sonar! You are now set up and able to use Sonar for you and your team. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support -

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