Sonar New User Guide

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Welcome to Sonar! This article contains additional resources and links that are helpful starting articles on the core features of Sonar. This is a great place to start if you're a new customer or user who wants to get a quick overview of different features. 

Account Set-Up

It's time to create your account and start your first sync! Before going any further be sure you've completed the account signup and started your first sync with Salesforce. The instruction on how to do that can be found here - New Customer Account Setup Instructions

Next, let's install Sonar's Chrome Extension. The Sonar Chrome extension lets you quickly and confidently scope and executes everyday changes in Salesforce. Additionally, you can initiate a sync with Pardot if that feature is enabled in your account. 

  1. Download and install the Chrome extension here:

Sonar Intro

The following articles can be followed in the order they're listed but certainly don't have to be. If you're curious about Tags jump straight there if not feel free to go through the articles in order. 

  1. What Does Sonar Do?
  2. Who is Sonar For?
  3. Intro to References
  4. Intro to Timeline
  5. Intro to Issues
  6. Intro to Initiatives
  7. Intro to Tags
  8. Intro to Settings


Get Started, What Does Sonar Do? >>

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