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This page contains an overview of the account settings within your Sonar account. This article contains the following sections:

User Settings

In the user settings, you can update your email address and notifications, first and last name, your Salesforce preferences, or change your password.


Salesforce Preferences

  • Lightning URLs: This setting controls whether a Salesforce lightning or classic page is opened when you click the Salesforce logo on a metadata card in Sonar. If you use Salesforce lightning this should be enabled.

Email Notifications

  • Daily Sync: This setting controls the daily summary email that is sent from Sonar. If you haven't seen this email it lists the changes Sonar detected since your last sync. 
  • Mentions: This setting determines whether or not you get email notifications when you are mentioned within an Initiative comment. 

Organization Settings

Within the Organization Settings, you can invite new users, reauthorize your Salesforce org, and enable Package Tagging.


Adding Users

  • In order to add a new user input a valid email, first name, and last name. Once you click "Invite User" an email will be sent from Sonar with a login link. You can view any pending User invites by clicking on the Users Settings in the menu bar (Settings > Users).

Organization Authentication

  • Reauthorize is used to resolve sync issues mostly related to user permissions, deactivations in Salesforce, or when sandbox is refreshed. If any of those cases occur you should reauthorize your connection with Salesforce. More details here - Sync

Organization Preferences

  • Package Tagging: This setting determines if managed packages are automatically tagged when your Salesforce Org syncs with Sonar. If you have a managed package installed that was not automatically tagged please reach out to support and we will add that managed package to our internal list and those fields will be automatically tagged upon the next sync -


In the Users settings, you can lock a user or make a user Read Only. If a user is Read-Only, they will not be able to create, update, or delete any data in Sonar.


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