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This page is an overview of the Quick Find functionality in Sonar. 


One of the most unique parts of Sonar is the ability to effortlessly navigate the back end of Salesforce and quickly and find a specific field, object, or automation.

You can search for all the following Metadata in Sonar using the Quick Find: Objects, Fields, Automations, Validation Rules. The search result will be sorted by Object, Automation then Field. 


Sonar allows users to search across different pieces of metadata at once instead of searching for an Object then a specific field within that object or searching for a field then the automation it might be in etc... 

For example, in the time it takes you to open the object then the field in Salesforce you can use the Sonar search to find that field, view all of its references, then open it directly in Salesforce straight from Sonar. 


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